Parent Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences

The Schenectady School District designates half days and evenings during the school year for elementary school parent-teacher conferences.   Your child's teacher will ask you to select one of those days to meet and review your child's report card and discuss his or her progress in school.

Please make parent-teacher conferences a priority and consider following these steps to make the most of them.

Before the Conference:

Talk with your child.  
Learn more about your child's favorite subjects and activities and ask if there are any concerns he or she would like you to discuss with his/her teacher.

Review assignments.  Are there some areas where your child really shines and others that might need a little extra work?  Discuss both strengths and weaknesses with the teacher.

The Day of the Conference:
Be on time.  
The conference schedule is tight and teachers need all parents to be on time.  If something comes up, notify the teacher as soon as possible.  Be sure to reschedule the meeting.

Remember conferences are brief.  A typical parent-teacher conference lasts 10 - 20 minutes.  If you need additional time, ask for a follow-up session.

Keep an open mind.  Some parents get angry when teachers discuss trouble spots.  Remember that these conferences are meant to help you understand your child's school performance.  Working together with the teacher will help your child succeed.

Make plans.  Find out what you can do to follow through at home.  Decide together what  you, your child, and the teacher need to do to help your child succeed.


Tell your child.  
After the conference, talk with your child and discuss the teacher's comments.  Remember to praise all the things your child is doing well and pass along the teacher's compliments.  If you need to, talk about areas that you and the teacher will be working on to help your child improve.

Follow up.  In the days and weeks that follow, let your child's teacher know that you are following through on what was discussed, and that you'd like to hear how things are progressing in the classroom.

Remember that schools and teachers welcome parent involvement year-round.  Feel free to call and schedule a phone or in-person conference any time you think there's a need.

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