Levels of Behaviors and Responses


The Schenectady City School District Code of Conduct includes five levels of possible response to inappropriate behavior.  Each inappropriate behavior (violation of the code of conduct) is assigned to one or more levels of intervention/response.

If the behavior is assigned to , or falls under two or more levels, the lowest level of intervention and disciplinary response should be imposed first.  For example, if a student refuses to follow directions, intervention strategies and responses in Level 1 should be issued before moving to any response in Level 2.

In all cases, the school personnel authorized to impose the consequence or response must inform the student of the alleged misconduct and must investigate the facts surrounding it.  All students will have an opportunity o present their version of the facts to the school personnel imposing the disciplinary penalty.  If students are given penalties other than a verbal warning, parents should be notified before penalty is imposed.

The following pages present an overview of each of the resolutions to behaviors, a chart that outlines grade-appropriate responses based upon the level of offense.  You will notice that as behaviors increase in severity (1 being least and 5 being most severe), the response becomes more intense (A being least and D being most intense).  Please note that grade level is considered for all behaviors and responses.  

A listing of behaviors and the range of resolutions at each level (1 being least and 5 being most severe) is located on pages 27-31.
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