Level 2


These responses and interventions aim to teach and correct behavior and promote the practice of pro-social behaviors, self-discipline and healthy well-being.  Teachers are encouraged to try a variety of teaching and classroom management strategies.

Using profane, obscene, vulgar, lewd, or abusive language or gestures 200

Making excessive or distracting movements or noises 201
Repeatedly talking out in class or out of turn 202
 Throwing objects (without physical injury to others) 203
Cutting class/school (repeated) 204
Smoking/possession of smoking materials 207
Using forged notes, excuses or passes 208

Gambling 209
Failure to serve detention 210
 More than 26 tardies to school/class during the year 216
 Violation of closed campus policy 217
 Failure to follow sign-in procedure 221
 Multiple lunching 222
 Truant from Vo-Tech 226
Lying or intentionally misleading school personnel 227
Misusing property belonging to school or others  228
Refusal to follow staff directives  230
Failure to comply with school rules or procedures  231
 Taking or attempting to take property belonging to others 229

 A  Attendance Intervention Plan 111

A Turnaround/Sensory Room 100
 A Verbal Reprimand by Admin/Warning 101
 A Special Seating 102
 A Parent Conference (In-Person/Phone) 103
 A Counseling In School 104

 A  Social Consequences/Withdrawal of Privileges 105

A Strict Supervised Study (1/2 day or less with certified staff) 107
 A Detention 108
Behavior Contract/Plan 109
Use of Routing Slip 112
 A Conference with Student 113
Peer Mediation 316
A Withdrawal of Computer Privileges  317
 A Restorative Practices 327
 A Referral to SBST 321
 A Parent, Teacher & Admin Conference 202
 B Exclusion from Extra-Curricular Activities 1-4 Days 204
 B In-School Suspension 205
 B Teacher/Schedule Change 206
 B Referral to Outside Agency 208
Suspension Less Than a Day 230

 B Out of School Suspension -- 1 Day 231
 B Teacher Disciplinary Removal -- 3 Day  024


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