All of our students must be assured that they will be treated in a fair, consistent and non
-discriminatory manner. The framework of the home, as outlined in the graphic to the right, guides our work, including the development and implementation of policies and practices. We must ensure that all students have what they need in order to be academically successful.

  1. Equity is the main pillar of our work.

  2. All children are capable of achieving their personal best and can improve behavior with guidance, instruction, support and coaching.

  3. Children should not be asked, what is wrong with you?They should instead be asked, what has happened to you?

  4. Students need varying kinds and amounts of time, attention, and supports to succeed academically and achieve at high levels.

  5. Out-of-school suspension does not improve school climate or outcomes for students. Students are more likely to make positive decisions when:

    •   They understand the positive behaviors that are expected of them

    •   They feel that staff members care about them and will help them learn and grow

    •   They feel respected

    •   All staff consistently uses the same language and practices

    •   All staff provides positive feedback for appropriate behavior and best effort

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