Use of Track and Field

Use of Track & Field

SHS Synthetic Turf Field & Rubber Track

Rules & Regulations

Use of the Schenectady High School synthetic turf field is limited to Schenectady City School District students and programs, faculty, staff, teams and opponents or groups with permission of the Schenectady City School District.

The rubber track is open to public walkers and joggers.  Please see the schedule (to the right on this page).

Rules and Regulations

  • No smoking/vaping, fireworks, or open flames

  • No Chewing Gum

  • No Chewing Tobacco

  • No Sunflower Seeds

  • No Spitting

  • No Glass Bottles or Sharp Objects

  • No Beverages other than water (if something spills on the field, do not attempt to clean it up - contact an SCSD employee to report a spill)

  • No Pets Allowed No Bikes, Skateboards, Scooters, Roller Blades or Other Wheeled Vehicles

  • No Golfing

  • No Climbing or Hanging From Goal Posts or Field Equipment

  • Do Not Place Heavy or Spiked Equipment On Track

  • No Spikes or Metal Cleats On The Synthetic Field (Rubber Molded Cleats  or Sneakers Only 1/4" or Shorter Track Spikes Only On The Rubber Track Walkers & Joggers

  • Use Outside (2) Lanes Freestanding Markers & Field Equipment Only (No Driving Stakes)

  • Please Use Trash Receptacles
  • Please Use Gates (No Fence Hopping)

Schenectady High School Turf Field

The track and field are monitored.  All activity is recorded with video surveillance.  All crimes on these facilities will be prosecuted under Penal Code 602.

Please contact SCSD Security at 881-3831 to report any violations of these rules and regulations or to report any suspicious activity.


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