Phase I

Phase I

Middle Schools
Phase I work will upgrade and  redesign middle schools to implement a unique middle school program at all three middle schools Oneida, Mont Pleasant and Central Park.

Adding Elementary Capacity
Classrooms are being added to Howe in Phase I to increase capacity so that the early childhood education center can be converted to a Pre K-5 elementary school.

The building condition survey provides recommendations to address many building facility deficiencies.  Priority work is being completed at Van Corlaer, Paige and Steinmetz. 

Overview of Phase I 

Phase 1 $70 Million
Mont Pleasant $25M
Oneida $22.4 M
Central Park $3.6 M
Howe $9 M
Van Corlaer $7.1 M
Paige $1.4 M
  Steinmetz $1.4 M  

Phase I Overview

Central Park Roof Repair

A May 2016 emergency referendum provided approval for $2.5 million worth of emergency safety work  to the façade and part of the roof at Central Park Middle School.  The work will address the terra-cotta cornice and window surrounds which are deteriorating due to water infiltration and freeze thaw cycles as well as excessive roof ponding and water infiltration. 

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