Exceptions to Regular Transportation

Long-Term Exceptions

Requests for transportation to and from an address other than the home address must be applied for in writing by the parent/legal guardian and submitted no later than July 1 preceding the next school year. A parent or guardian of a student moving to the District after July 1 must submit a form 30 days after establishing residence in the District.

All requests are to be sent to the Supervisor of Transportation to be considered for approval/disapproval.

Long-term transportation requests may be used for:
1) A student going to a licensed or registered day care provider. Transportation will be to his/her home school. For example: A student from the Paige attendance zone will be transported to and from any licensed or registered day care facility in the district to the Paige School.

2) A student going to a non-licensed day care provider. Transportation will only be to and/or from the school that is the student’s attendance zone school.

For example: A student from the Yates attendance area with a sitter in the Yates attendance zone will be transported to and/or from Yates Elementary.

3) A student experiencing a hardship. Transportation will be to and/or from the school attendance zone and the home address or baby sitter location in the school attendance zone.

Guidelines for a Hardship Exception are:
*Student Medical Exception (504 Plan - Partnership with school

Hazard exception (construction along route, sidewalk closed, etc.)
Emergency Exception (victim of a crime, order of protection, etc.)
emporary Housing Exception (does not have permanent housing)
Distance Disagreement (incorrect distance calculation)

Hardship Exceptions will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Once the District Leadership Team has reviewed all the information provided, a decision will be made and the parent or guardian will be notified. All requests for this exception are for student hardships ONLY and do NOT include parental or guardian hardships.

Long Term Transportation Requests must be:
For consistent a.m. and p.m. stops
*For 5 days a week
*Signed by parent or guardian

    Short Term Transportation Requests:
    The Principal and the Transportation Supervisor may approve requests for transportation to and from an address other than the home address on a short term or temporary basis for verified hardships. These conditions are needed for approval:
    *Request is for a period of two weeks or less
    *No bus stop added or route change required
    *No change of attendance boundaries is required

      Private and Parochial Transportation Requests:
       All requests for transportation must submit a form no later than April 1 for the following school year.                                                  *New district residents must submit a form within 30 days of establishing residence.

      Joint Custody Exceptions:
      Divorced or separated parents may have their student get on or off the bus at either parent's home located within the school zone they attend, with the written consent of the custodial parent. The pick up/drop off point in the morning and/or afternoon must be consistent on a weekly (5 consistent days) basis. The home school will be determined by the custodial parents address.

      Change of Bus Stop Only:
      Requests for students to use a different existing stop on their assigned bus route may be approved by Transportation and the principal. Changes for only once or twice a week should be discouraged. However, the building principal will be required, if he/she approves such a change to notify Transportation prior to 1PM on each date that the change is approved.

      The transportation provided under the above conditions expires at the end of the school year in which the request occurs. Parent/guardians are required to resubmit a request for an exception the ensuing school year.

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