Message from Supt. Soler

May 24, 2022

Dear Parents, Guardians and Caregivers,

This is a very difficult evening and I'm not sure how to begin this message or what exactly what I should say.  If you are like me, today's news of 18 children and a teacher being killed in another senseless school shooting, has shaken you to the core.  I find myself heartbroken and filled with various emotions of anger, sadness and confusion.

Schools are supposed to be beacons of hope and promise for kids in every community. Schools are supposed to be places where children can pursue their dreams under the guidance of caring adults.  Schools are supposed to be sacred ground where parents feel confident that their children are safe while under our care.  Our students need all of us, and we need one another more than ever.

In my lifetime, these horrible acts of gun violence in schools and in various communities have become all too common.  We cannot become numb or ignore when these incidents happen. We need to lean on one another and continue to work collectively to ensure the safety and wellness of our students, our school communities and each other. 

While Schenectady is a special place, I know that when something like this happens it has a way of hitting home and brings out feelings of helplessness and fear in all of us.  If you or your children are struggling and need support, please call your child's school.  We are here to help and support you.  Our teachers will also provide space and opportunity to have necessary and important conversations tomorrow, when needed.   Counselors and social workers will be available to help students and staff.

As a school district, we are always working to do everything that we can to create environments that are welcoming and safe for our students, families and staff.   We are here for you.   If you are like me, you will want to hug your kids a little tighter tonight, and when they wake tomorrow morning, and will work hard to make the most of every day.

Please do not hesitate to contact your child's school if you have any questions or concerns.



Anibal Soler, Jr.
Superintendent of Schools

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