Proposal E: $5,323,779

E:  Increase State Aid:  $5,323,779

Under this proposal, with an increase in Foundation Aid of $5,323,779, staffing would increase by 58.2 as follows:

 Teachers:  38
 Paraprofessionals:  13
 Administrators:  5.2
 CSEA:  2

.5 AVID Teacher  Under this proposal AVID would expand the above proposal of .2 to .5 and bring the high school closer to the intended levels so that students who are in the program can continue.  This includes membership and training.

5 Elementary Teachers  With the addition of 5 elementary teachers, we would repurpose the 11 ELA co-teachers to provide 2-3 (for 4-6 sections) of integrated co-teach support in each elementary school.

3 Middle Level Teachers to increase and combine with math lab teacher for provide middle integrated support, middle targeted and middle academic support services (services that on a general education continuum).

2 Elementary RESPITE Rooms with 2 Paraprofessionals 2 RESPITE rooms would be staff with 1 Special Education Teacher, 1 Social Worker, 1 Common Branch Teacher and 1 Paraprofessional.

1 Special Education Teacher, 1 Social Worker and .8 Core Teachers for the Schenectady High School RESPITE Room.

1 High School Engagement Supervisor to expand and build the capacity to transform building-wide systems to fully integrate restorative practices to SHS.

3 Assistant Principals Add an assistant principal to each middle school to provide full time support at each grade level.  This is in response to concerns and a request made by staff members earlier in the year.

.5 High School Counselor  for SCLA to provide focus on the grade 9 to 10 transition, college and career readiness as well as social emotional health.  The school currently has 279 students and one counselor for grades 9-12.

High School Assistant Principal from 10 month position to 11 month to extend responsibility during the summer to focus on transition, summer programming, Regents and student readiness.

1 High School Music Teacher to provide scheduling accommodation for the number of students requesting music classes.  An increase in band/orchestra students coming in from middle schools exacerbates the scheduling issue.

1 Culinary Program Paraprofessional to provide para support for the culinary program as the grant expires.

1 High School Dance Teacher to accommodate the number of students who request dance classes. 

1 Technician and 2 Paraprofessionals to provide network and teacher field support.

6 Special Education Teachers, 5 Teaching Assistants, 2 Social Workers, 1.5 FTE  to support the Social Development Redesign.

1 Psychologist By adding .5 psychologist to WIEC and 1 to Oneida (repurposing district psych position to CPMS) will enable the schools to carry more reasonable caseloads,

1 Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and 1 Social Worker who will form the beginning of a Mobile Crises Response Team to work with families, school staff, and outside providers to ensure students mental health stabilization.

.5 Homeless Liaison will round an existing .5 position to full time in order to work with the district’s homeless students and families to improve attendance and educational outcomes.

3 Cultural Brokers to provide additional staffing of this position at the secondary level.  We currently have cultural brokers at MPMS and SHS and want to grow this.

1 Maintenance Worker which will help increase the speed at which work orders are addressed.

1 Capital Project Manager to provide part time support managing paperwork and decision flow of the multiple capital projects.

2.0 Speech Pathologists who are dedicated to providing speech improvement services with focus on early literacy.

.4 Nurse would increase nurse coverage to necessary level. SHS currently has 3 nurses, three days per week and two nurses, two days per week. This would provide coverage with three nurses every day – which is needed based on enrollment.

1 Administrator and 1 Secretary to oversee the implementation and ongoing service of the general education continuum – to be managed much like the special education continuum of service.

1 Employee for SHS Integrated Support part of the general education continuum


Additional Services

Trauma Sensitive School Institute:  Summer training institute for building and district staff to address building climate and to develop better trauma-sensitive schools.

Embedded Coaching:   This train the trainer model focuses on the intermediate grades and is a follow up to the Summer Literacy Institute.

Mentor Training:  One day of summer training for 50 mentors and a mentoring stipend for 20 hours of service during the school year.

Curriculum and Assessment Professional Development:    Train the trainers for curriculum writing facilitators and assessment cadre.

Increased Hours for Curriculum Writing:  Additional hours for curriculum writing beyond Curriculum Writing Week.

Curriculum Management Tool for the organization and governance of district curriculum.

High School PSAT Tests All juniors would take the PSAT test and would allow for PSAT prep course for sophomores and juniors.

Library Management System Purchasing such a system would allow more efficient management and improved database access of the library collections, as well as classroom and school wide book rooms.

Alternative to a Van/Field Trips  to be able to provide transportation and increase options for small athletic teams and field trips.  The original proposal was to purchase a van for this.  Additional funding would however, instead, provide the ability to increase contracts with transportation providers for this purpose. 

Zonar, a bus tracking system that allows for the GPS tracking of our school bus fleet.  It includes real-time updates that report back vehicle location, speed, time and precise performance metrics. Z-pass, a component of this, allows the district to quickly see where and when students enter and exit the buses.  This would cover about 75% of the fleet.

Addition to CHIME Program:  Funding to grow the CHIME program from an after school program at Yates to include the middle schools that it feeds to.  (This is a program with Empire State Youth Orchestra that currently takes place after school at Yates.)

Language Other Than English (LOTE) and Science Support for Staff Additional Support

Office of Curriculum & Instruction Supplies including atlases and maps

Extended Day Transportation Adding four additional afterschool runs to service each building daily for extended day programming would allow schools to cooperate in offering after school programming and extended the school day for students.  The purpose of programming would be to extend learning opportunities, engage and enrich student experiences and offer support so that students can be successful.

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