Some #projectbehere Tips
Instead of looking at attendance as a matter of complying with rules, let's recognize good attendance as providing our students with opportunities to learn.

Our attitudes are contagious. So, getting kids to love school starts with us, the adults in their lives. Share with children that school is important & that learning is exciting. Model a positive attitude, talk about school daily & help kids get excited. 

One of the best investments we can make for our children is taking the time and putting in the effort to be sure they are in school every day - even when it's difficult. This investment will pay off, not only now, but along the path to graduation.

So your teenage daughter suddently doesn't want to go to school. "School refusal" can be about feeling "unsettled" or "not socially confident." Letting your teen stay home will not solve the problem. Let's work together to reassure & encourage your child. 

Chronic absenteeism can be stopped if we dig deep to learn the reasons why a child is missing school. We can then target our efforts on removing any obstacles and getting the child back on the path to graduation.

Building strong personal relationships with parents, & offering a variety of opportunities for engagement, can go a long way toward improving school attendance.

Coming to school every day will give your child the best chance of staying on the path to graduation. It's important that we talk with children about the importance of being in school every day & letting them know that it is an expectation.

To improve attendance, we need to be sure that our parents always feel welcome in our schools. We are partners in their child's education. The stronger the partnership, the more likely their child will be here each day. 

We all have hopes and dreams for our children. Being here every day is one of the most important things for your child to do right now in order to realize those dreams.     

To be or not to be. It's an important decision that we make. Decide to be..... here.   

How do we get kids to WANT to come to school every day? Let's listen to their interests, hopes and dreams and make schools .... our lessons .... relevent to them. Let's pledge to lead with our ears.   

All of us — schools, preschools, community agencies and parents — can make a difference by engaging and helping families to nurture a habit of regular attendance so they can help their children realize their hopes and dreams.  

What makes it hard for you, as a parent, to get your child to school every day? If you have barriers & are struggling to get your child here, let us know. We want to do everything that we can to ensure that your child is here and on the path to graduation.

Members of the Class of 2031 are registering for school. It's not too early to send the message that being in school is important. This is how we can make sure our early learners get a good start on the path to graduation. Yes, it truly does matter in kindy.

Knowing how many days your child is absent from school is important. Absences add up quickly & can make children fall behind just as quickly. If you haven't signed up for the Parent Portal, where you can track attendance, please do it now.

Being here everyday says a lot about a student's commitment to education & the belief that showing up is important. We can teach this by setting an example & following through even when it's hard work.   

Paying attention to early absenteeism provides opportunity to identify & address issues early on. It offers a chance to intervene before children fall years behind academcially. This is important for closing the achievement gap.

What's your number? If you don't know the number of days your child has been absent so far, log in to Infinite Campus. Great job if your number is fewer than 9. Log in or sign up for Infinite Campus here:  

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