Alex Ally, a MPMS 8th grader, is "Superintendent for the Day"
Posted on 06/20/2017
Photo of Alex Ally, MPMS 8th Grader, who was Superintendent for the Day

Mont Pleasant Middle School 8th Grader Alex Ally would see Superintendent Larry Spring in the halls of Mont Pleasant Middle School throughout the school year.  The two would talk often. 

Alex was comfortable talking with Mr. Spring and would sometimes stop into his office with questions or any concerns.   Mr. Spring would listen carefully.

When Alex suggested that he might want to learn what it's like to work in a leadership role and give the superintendent's job a try, Mr. Spring offered the opportunity.

On Monday, June 19, Alex spent the day as the district Superintendent.  

He was first given his own administrator badge and the day's agenda.

Alex attended all of Mr. Spring's meetings and interviews which were stacked throughout the day and into the evening.  

Supt. Larry Spring and MPMS 8th Grader Alex Ally (Supt. of the Day)Alex walked with the superintendent in the halls of Mont Pleasant where they would often stop and chat.  They visited classrooms to observe the teaching and learning that was taking place.  They would pause to talk about it and then move on. 

Alex didn't sit quietly and wasn't merely an observer.  Mr. Spring gave him an overview of what each meeting was about and then turned the meeting over to his protege. Alex led discussions.  He offered ideas and provided feedback.   He spoke openly and honestly.  And, he listened carefully.

It was clear by his professional dress, serious demeanor, confidence and  attention to detail that Alex took this leadership role seriously and meant business.

Alex followed the superintendent's long day from beginning to end - and without hesitation.   His day included a morning filled with meetings, a hall walk and classroom visitations and assistant principal interviews that were scheduled into the evening.

Alex was prepared for the day to be exhaustive.  He could have cut it short, if he chose to, but he wanted to see it through to the end - even if it meant getting home several hours later than when the official school day had ended. 

Alex not only accepted the challenge of being superintendent, but, he embraced it.  

Alex isn't sure if he wants to be a superintendent one day, but, he said that he is interested in a career as a leader.  He knew that this opportunity would provide him with unique insight to the skills that a leadership role might demand.

While Alex learned a great deal about a superintendent's routine, he isn't the only one who was impacted by the day's lessons. 

Two things are for certain.  Both Mr. Ally and Mr. Spring enjoyed this day and, it's pretty safe to state, that neither will forget it soon.

Alex also serves as a reminder of the important work educators do every day.  So many of our future leaders, are today, walking in our hallways and sitting in our classrooms.  Alex is just one example.

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